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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Purchase and payments

Payment options

Payment by proforma invoice,
Payment upon delivery,
Payment by credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express,

Is it possible to return the product if I no longer want to use the device?

You can return the product within 30 days.

What about the warranty?

If you think that the device is defective or not working, please send it to the head office of our company, where we will determine if the device was damaged by the user or if it is a factory defect. The device comes with a 24-month warranty.

Where can I order the GPSy tracking package?

You can submit your order here.

What is included in the GPSy package?

The package includes a tracker, activated SIM card (with a trial period of 14 days), access to the online platform and a mobile application.

After purchasing the device, is the tracking service free-of-charge?

After the 14-day trial period has expired, you must renew the subscription by logging into the online interface and renewing the subscription.

What if subscription expires or gets terminated?

After subscription expiration or termination, all telemetry data is automatically deleted. User gets automated mail for subscription expiry prior expiration date.

2. Use

What does real-time monitoring mean, or why does it sometimes lag?

This depends on the device and GSM signal. The transmission or refresh interval can be from 5 to 30 seconds.

Does the device work without the app?

Yes, the tracker does not need the app to operate. You can view the data on the online application.

Do I have to have GPS activated on the phone?

No, GPS tracking is provided by the device, the phone only receives the data and displays them in the application.

Can GPSy be used to monitor other vehicles?

You can use the device in all vehicles that support a connection to the OBD II connector or the battery.

Can I use tracking on a bicycle or motorcycle?

It is slightly more difficult on a bicycle because the device requires a constant power supply; on a motorcycle, you can connect the FMT100 device to the battery.

Can I unlock or lock my vehicle using GPSy?

Depending on the chosen device; you can purchase devices that enable the desired functions here.

How is the vehicle warranty affected if I connect the tracking device?

You are not modifying the vehicle when you install the device, connect it to the battery or to the OBD II connector.

What does anti-theft protection mean, i.e. I received a movement notification while the vehicle was turned off?

When the vehicle is switched off, the device monitors movements via the G sensor. If it detects that the vehicle has moved and is not turned on, it will send you a notification if you have this option enabled. This does not mean that your car is stolen; it can also mean that someone hit your vehicle in the parking lot.

3. GPSy device and installation

Is installation simple?

You can simply connect device FMT100 and FMC130 to the vehicle battery, while other devices can be connected to the OBD II connector.

Can the device be connected to another vehicle?

The device can be connected to any vehicle with a battery or OBD II connector.

What is the tracker's power consumption?

The device uses very little power, so it generally has no significant affect on the battery. If the vehicle is parked for more than 30 days, we recommend starting the engine to charge the battery.

Is GPS tracking always operational?

The device has to be connected, and it needs to have a GPS and GSM signal. The GSM signal is also displayed on the mobile app; if the device does not have a GSM connection, it has an internal memory where it stores data, which it then sends when it gets online access.

4. Area of operation

Can I use my own SIM card?

Unfortunately, no. The package is designed as a turnkey solution. The device, SIM card, and tracking app.

Does tracking work in EU countries?

You can check out coverage here.

Do I need a smartphone to use GPSy tracking?

You can use tracking online (all devices that support online access) or on a mobile app for Android and iOS.

5. Technical details

What is an OBD connector?

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) connector is used by service technicians to get vehicle service information. It is usually located under the dashboard, where the fuses are located.

What installation option to you recommend: connecting to the battery or OBD II?

All devices have the same functionality, so it is your choice.

6. Notifications

Are SMS notifications free?

We offer free notification via e-mail and push messages.
SMS and voice calls are a service that you have to purchase separately.

7. Digital I/O and nautical vessels

What does activation of digital I/O mean?

Using the app, you can turn the device on or off, e.g. a submersible pump, open the garage door, turn it on or off.

Where is this useful?

Activation/deactivation of submersible pump (nautical vessels)
Monitoring inputs (nautical – solar panels)
Scenarios where it is necessary to activate and monitor the status of devices via digital and analogue inputs and outputs

8. Temperature and humidity

Where can I use the sensor?

The sensor can be used at a location or in vehicles where you need to monitor humidity and temperature.

Can it work as a standalone device?

If you use the sensor as a standalone device, you can view the humidity and temperature parameters via the Teltonika EYE APP mobile application. Android, iOS.

If you want the history of the above data and notification services, e.g. if the temperature falls below a certain limit, you must use a tracking device, which does not need to be installed in a vehicle, but can be installed on a permanent 12V power supply, e.g. monitoring business or agricultural facilities.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the frequency of data transmissions, even up to 5 years. You can find the specifications here.

9. GDPR and data collection

What about tracking privacy?

If you do not disclose your username and password, the data cannot be accessed.

Where is the data collected and how is it protected?

Communications between the devices, the server and the application are properly protected and encrypted. You can read more about it here.

Telemetry data retention

Telemetry data older than one year is automatically deleted. If you want the data to be stored for a longer period, please contact us.